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All Curiousity About Sheet Metal Processing Machines

Sheet metal processing machines are the machines that shape the production and are found in almost all production areas. Sheet material, which has robust, durable and easy-to-shape properties, can be used in all areas of industrial production. Since it is a sheet metal material, it is made thin and flat. Sheet metal is processed in press machines on CNC machcines , available on our site.

How Do Sheet Metal Processing Machines Work?

In sheet metal processing machines, pressure is applied directly to the sheet plate, or it can be obtained by crushing it by passing it between cylinders. This process is called rolling. Thick plates are passed between rollers and the first rolling process is carried out. Sheets can be of different thickness. It is cut according to the specified dimensions and strips Rollers are used for this process.

Technology of Sheet Metal Processing Machinery

Sheet metal processing machines on our site are equipped with superior technology. The equipment and the process are in a whole. Our machines are supported by computerized technologies. In this way, a more efficient processing is realized. Moreover, precise and fast processing is provided even in complex forms. Correct use of technology is important for the materials to be strong, durable, flexible and aesthetic. When forming the sheet material, the strain distribution becomes uniform. It may differ for each material and method. In addition, structural integrity is preserved.

Types of Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machines are widely used among sheet metal cutting machines. There are different models of CNC laser cutting machines on our site. Our fiber cutting machines are equipped with the latest technology in laser cutting. The laser beam is created by the active fiber and sent to the material. It is frequently used in the processing of thin and medium sheet metal. It can cut particularly thin materials at high speed. Moreover, since there are no moving parts and mirrors, maintenance and operating costs are minimized. It also offers high electrical efficiency. Apart from laser cutting machines, press brake machines and profile bending machines can also be used. These machines on our site can be used for sheet metal processing.

  • 2 separate hydraulic piston and foot pedal to allow 2 operator to work at the same time
  • More productivity with adjustable piston stroke distance
  • Central Lubrication system
  • Electrical back gauge
  • Working light
  • Five individual workstation on the machine:

- Ø22 mm punch and die and standard punching tools

- Steel solid round and square bar cutting blade set

- Angle cutting blade set

- Sheet metal cutting shear

- U-Notching blade set