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All Curious About Production with Metal Processing Machines

Metal is a material found in all kinds of living spaces, neighborhoods, workplaces and factories. Metal is used as the raw material of most products. That's why metalworking is so important. Products made of metal are processed using a metal processing machine.

What is Metal Processing Machine?

The metalworking machine is used in different industries. It is generally preferred in the workbenches of factories. It allows the shape of the metal to be completely changed and made more useful. Especially with the development of technology, its functions have increased even more and it has been a solution to most of the problems encountered in production. The metal processing machine types on our site can be used in the production of heavy industry and daily use tool-equipment production. Our machines equipped with the latest technology also reduce the rate of external dependency and enable us to make our own production.

Types of Metal Processing Machines

Metals can be processed into different shapes according to their usage areas. Different machines are used according to the shape to be formed in the processing stage. You can find metal processing machine types on our site.

These varieties are;

  • Bending group machines
  • Cutting group machines
  • Drilling group machines

It takes place in 3 main groups. Each machine has different crew and equipment. Examples of equipment such as mills, drills, band saws, circular metal cutting equipment.

Bending Group Machines

There are 2 different types of bending group machines on our site. It is both kinds of hydraulic bending machine and can be used to process metals. The hydraulic press machine that can be used in all metals has a hole for 2 pins. Thanks to the quick tool change system, it prevents interruptions in production. It also has automatic and manual operating modes. It is equipped with the latest technology and has digital reading feature.

Technical specifications;

  • Motor power: 10 kw
  • Maximum stroke: 285 mm
  • Working speed: 9 mm / s
  • Machine height: 900 mm
  • Oil tank: 100 lt
  • Weight: 2100 kg
  • Bending capacity 350 mm
  • in the form.

Cutting Group Machines

Our site includes cutting group machines, plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. Both are of the CNC cutting type and can be used to machine metals. Plasma cutting machine is also divided into procut, bevelcut, tubecut, oxycut, compactcut and ecocut models.

Each model allows easy cutting of metals. Cuts metals in pure quality. They are also very easy to install. Each model has a touch screen and is highly controlled. Fiber laser cutting machine is also on our site with FFL, FFLC and FFLCE models. Our fiber laser machines cut metals with laser beams. It is suitable for cutting all non-ferrous metals.

Metal Processing Way

Cutting and bending group machines on our site enable metals to be transformed into certain geometric shapes. The metal is first formed into a shaping process, in which a shape is given. Then, reformatting process is started. Large pieces of metal are divided into multiple pieces and a large number of side pieces are obtained.