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All Curiosity About Tube Bending Machines

Tube bending machines are one of the most used machines in factories and industry. It is used in reshaping pipes that have a certain shape and design. It is mainly used for metal, alloy, aluminum, titanium and steel materials. The uses of the material may vary depending on the materials used and the desired sensitivity.

Tube Bending Machines Working Principle

Different techniques are used when using pipe bending machines. One of them is pulling bending. In pull bending, the pipe is wound on the bending mold. The pressure die reduces radial stress during forming and keeps the outer end of the pipe straight. In wrapping bending, the pipe is placed between the slippery slide and the fixed bend. The sliding slide bends the pipe to the radius of the bend mold. In press bending, the twisting device is placed on two cross pulleys manually or hydrolyically. This method is used for high wall thickness and large bending diameters. In roller bending, workpieces with high bending radii are produced.

Its advantages are;

  • It is a simple and affordable technology
  • It is possible to obtain different shapes by changing the positions of the tooling
  • It has a wide range of uses and can be listed as follows.

Where to use?

Tube bending machines are widely used. It is generally used in the construction industry, agricultural machinery in the field of agriculture, automotive manufacturing industry, equipment of various accessories, industrial kitchen manufacturing, various work machines, heating and cooling sector and furniture industry. For example, key bending processes are used in the machinery industry.

Pipe Bending Machine Working Principle

In the pipe bending machines used in the manufacturing sector, steel drawn pipes are generally processed. Especially in recent times, with the development of technology, it has increased in the developments in machinery. They are easier to use and a more efficient process has been achieved. In addition, these machines also eliminate welded joining. With the pipe bending machines on our site, you can bend the pipes in more than one axis as elbows or arcs.

Hydraulic Pipe Bending

Our site has hydraulic pipe bending machines equipped with the latest technology. It is used for the processing of pipes especially required for plumbing works. The hydraulic assembly works with manpower, thus it is also suitable for construction site works. There are male and female molds on the apparatus. Thanks to these molds, the pipes can be bent up to 90 degrees. The rollers in our machines are arranged in a pyramid shape. The upper rollers can be adjusted up and down by means of the adjustment lever.

Features of hydraulic pipe bending machines;

  • Hydraulic pipe bending machines are divided into two. These can be listed as FP 60 Mandrelless tube benders and FP 76 Mandrelless tube benders.
  • It has a monoblock frame
  • Has reduced drive
  • Inverter and speed adjustment can be made
  • Made in Turkey
  • Has digital reading
  • There is a counter for back support.

General features are the same for both models. You can choose the model you want on our site, you can easily order.