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All Curiosity About Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma cutting is a machine used especially in areas such as production industry. Direct current power supply and compressed air are used. The plasma cutting machine ionizes the compressed air and turns it into plasma. In this way, the cutting process of conductive materials is completed. You can browse the plasma cutting machines on our site and order easily.

What Do Plasma Cutting Machines Do?

Plasma cutting machines on our site allow you to perform cutting operations. This is done using the power source, constant constant compressed air, and the appropriate type of torque. You can use it to cut all conductive metals in your production area.

Our plasma cutting machines equipped with high technology are also used for grooving processes. You can use it to cut thin and thick materials. We have machines that can cut up to 150 mm thickness.

Plasma Cutting Machines Working Principle

Our plasma cutting machines cut hot and accelerated plasma using electrical conductivity. It also gives a very sharp and smooth appearance to the materials. It can be used for cutting materials such as aluminum, steel, sheet metal and copper. The basic operating principle is a superheated and electrically ionized gas.

This gas, ie plasma energy, creates an electrical channel in the direction of the material to be cut. The electrical circuit is grounded and the system starts up. Oxygen or air can be used depending on the material to be cut during cutting.

The electric arc then ionizes some of the gas and the electrical channel is formed. As a result of the electrical channel formation, the cutting torch works and the heat to melt the material is obtained. Our plasma cutting machines provide a smooth appearance of the surface by using high speed plasma and compressed gas.


There are different types of plasma cutting machines on our site. Depending on your company, the material you cut and what you produce, you can choose the cutting machine that suits you best. Each of them has different properties.

Our plasma cutting machine models;

  • Procut
  • Bevelcut
  • Tubecut
  • Oxycut
  • Compactcut
  • Ecocut

can be listed as. Procut is used especially for heavy work. It has Windows based CNC hardware. It has a rack and pinion system with servo motors. Bevelcut is an upgraded version of Procut. It offers a particularly flawless surface and Y, X, V, K welding preparations.

Tubecut is preferred for cutting raw pipes. Provides versatility in cut edges. Oxycut offers excellent solutions for heavy work. Cutting capacity is 300 mm. With Compactcut, you can cut high precision materials. Finally, it performs plasma cutting with ecocut CNC and Hypertherm equipment and is very affordable.

Advantages of Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma cutting machines on our site provide advantages in terms of quality, time and cost. You can process different parts on the same sheet. Moreover, the waste rate is very low. You also get a dross-free cut.