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All Curiosity About Press Brake Machines

Press brake machines, which are generally used in heavy industry, enable sheet plates to reach the desired form for use in the production of various materials. It does this with the bending process. Today, it is frequently used in production sites, workshops and industries.

What is Press Brake Machine?

Press brake machine is divided into CNC control panel and hydraulic. You can choose one of the two on our site. Our press brakes keep pace with the advancing technology. Technologically equipped machines enable the processing of all kinds of sheet metal. The force to be applied to the sheet metal is adjusted in the machines.

In addition, before starting the bending process, all problems that may occur are prevented by simulator programs. In this way, the material is processed most smoothly and smoothly. Press brake machines can process even the most precisely measured materials to be bent. Back gauge sections move in four directions during bending.

All Processes Are Followed

You can achieve excellent results with press brake machines. Because, thanks to the operator, the whole process is followed instantly. In this way, problems are prevented. In addition, all machines on our site have a high strength structure. This means that their steel bodies can bend even the most challenging materials. The Akbant operator provides a healthy working environment. In this way, both your employees and the materials you produce are safe.

CNC Press Brake Machines

CNC press machines on our site are produced in heavy construction. Its steel body, which is protected against form change, is equipped with the latest technology. Balance shaft bearings, cylinder connected surfaces, drilling operations, upper body and upper table connection surfaces are carried out within the scope of our CNC press machines.

General features;

  • It has 8 color touch control unit
  •  Includes manual crowning (wheel and counter)
  • Servo motor
  • Has 2 backgauge (including finger blocks)
  • It has a European type top tool system
  • It is the best European type tool
  • Has a narrow table at the bottom
  • There are 2 sliding front support arms
  • Provides a safe working environment with foot pedal with emergency stop button.
  • It can be listed as it has a front laser security system.

With these unique features, it minimizes the performance and the margin of error. It saves labor and time in the most difficult conditions.

Hydraulic Press Machines

Hydraulic press machines are divided into two as hydraulic workshop type presses and hydraulic production type presses. Hydraulic workshop type presses are divided into FH 20, 20 manual, 30, 30 manual, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, 180, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 models. Hydraulic production type presses are FCSS 30 C Frame single action presses, FCSS 60 C Frame single action presses, FCSS 100 C Frame single action presses, FCSS 150 C Frame single action presses, FCS C Frame single action presses and FCDD C Frame single action. Includes presses models.