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All Curious About Rolling Machine

Rolling machines are used to wind materials such as metal rope, thread or paper on a core, reel or bobbin. There are types of wrapping machines used for different purposes on our site. It is mainly used for coil winding, yarn winding and filament winding. It is a type of machine preferred especially in the fields of textile, electronics and wire industry.

Winding Machine Features

Winding machines usually have a core on a spindle. The person using the machine wraps wire, rope or other material around the core. During this process, the spindle speed can be controlled by the user. It can also guide in controlling tension and load pattern. The machines, which are very easy to use, are located on the countertop size. In addition, large stand-alone wrappers can also be used according to need.

In our machines equipped with the latest technology;
• The tension of the material
• Amount of material wrapped on the base
• The order in which the material is wrapped on the base can be controlled and edited.

The machines on our site are CNC controlled. There are also manual and automatic combination machines.

Usage areas

Winding machines are generally used in the textile industry. There are also yarn types that include winding on card or reel. Our winding machines contain ribbons, threads and cords. It can be used in machines with different winding machines to collect products such as ropes in the textile industry. Apart from the textile industry, it is also used in the aviation industry. Generally, resin-impregnated fiber is used. Also suitable for bicycle parts, golf clubs and military equipment.

The winding machines are also suitable for the paper industry. Approximately 40 tons of fresh paper sheets are wrapped using these machines. Because large quantities of paper sheets are very difficult to transport and ship, they are converted into manageable rolls using winding machines. Generally, the rolls are prepared in line with the requests of the potential customers of the companies. Not always big rolls are wrapped, it can also be used for gift wrapping and paper towel rolls.

What are the Types of Winding Machines?

There are 2 different winding machines on our site. These; Plate Rolling Machines and Profile Rolling Machines. Plate rolling machines are also divided into FX 4 Rolls Series, FXK 3 Rolls Series, FXS-FXM-FXMS 3 Rolls Series models. These models have a digital display for the side rolls. The entire process is managed with the mobile control panel. It also has an electro-hydraulic calibration system.

All rolls are mounted on spherical roller bearings. In addition, there are safety equipment around our machines. The Profile Rolling Machines model also has the FXP Profile Rolls Series, FXP Profile Rolls Series and FXP Profile Rolls Series.

Engine Structures

The motors of our winding machines are wrapped around a core. Typically copper wire stators are available. At the center of our core-based machines is a hole. So they have a ring-shaped base. Hydraulic cylinders and powerful motor allow even large parts to be bent.