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The  Curiousity About Cutting Machines

Cutting machines are used especially in the industrial and industrial sectors. It is among the light and heavy construction machinery and is designed to meet different needs. You can find robust, durable and easy-to-use cutting machines on our website.

Features of Cutting Machines

The cutting machines we produce are designed to meet all your needs and are very easy to use. In addition, they have the quality that can operate without any problems for many years.

General features;

  • It has bidirectional hydraulic drive system.
  • Spare parts are of very high quality
  • Its assembly is made in accordance with its spare parts and working principle.
  • Working surfaces of cutting machines are hardened by heat treatment. In this way, it is provided to be much more robust and durable.
  • You can buy from our site with the tool blade attached.
  • Models are very easy to use.

You can access cutting machines with all these features on our website and you can easily order them. All machines on our site are equipped with technological features. Therefore, they have features that will increase working efficiency. In addition, our cutting machines are available in 3 different types on our site.

Swing Beam Shears

It has blade set with BRL 401.2 NC control unit. It provides a comfortable and safe use with its full size protection cage. It also accomplishes this thanks to the buttoned foot pedal. It also has AC motor back gauge. Miter arms are 1000 mm and support arms are 1000 mm. Apart from these features, it also has a back security system. This feature allows the machine to stop automatically in case of emergency.

Variable Rake Shears

Another model has a variable rake shears color and touch CNC control unit. Thanks to CNC, the blade gap can be adjusted automatically. It also provides automatic adjustment of the cutting length. Like the Swing Beam Shears model, the Variable Rake Shears model also has a full paint finger protection cage. It opens and closes automatically in AC motorized back gauge. In addition, the miter and support arms are 1000 mm.

Motorised Shears

Motorised shears model has 3 mm and 4 mm variants. The length of the scaled miter arm in the 3 mm model is 750 mm. This model has 2 support arms. There is also an emergency stop button. In the 4 mm model, the length of the scaled miter arm is 1000 mm. There are also 2 support arms.

Design of Cutting Tables

In the cutting machines on our site, the design of the cutting table attracts the most attention. When designing filter units, extra attention is paid to cutting tables. Because the non-ergonomic cutting table reduces efficiency and causes occupational disease of the employees.

This is because dust and smoke released during cutting is different from normal dust and smoke. The flame retardant filters we use in our machines prevent your employees from catching occupational diseases and enable them to work more efficiently. In addition,  it can absorb even small micron and dense dust.