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All Curiousity About Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines contain lasers made of glass or metal tube. These lasers enable the laser source to become light by giving electricity. The resulting beam is carried to the desired area with mirrors or lenses. It allows metal to be cut, engraved or burned in desired dimensions. Laser cutting machines ensure smooth cuts without the risk of error. Different designs can be obtained, especially with scraping processes. You can easily find the best quality laser cutting machine on our website.

Basic Parts of Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines basically consist of 5 parts. These; laser source, machine body, moving motors, cooling, power supply and vacuum motor and control card. The laser source comes out of a metal or glass tube. Materials such as wood, leather, fabric or plexi are cut with glass tube lasers. Metal materials are also cut and processed with metal tube laser machines. The sizes of the sections vary according to the size of the machines.

How Do Laser Cutters Work?

Laser cutting machines can be used in many industries, on many materials. It enables the processing of materials that cannot be cut, excavated or burned by manpower or that will take too long. Due to the structures and mechanics of the machines on our site, it ensures that all operations are carried out quickly and flawlessly.

Processed materials;

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Wooden
  • Glass
  • Plexi
  • Paper
  • Food
  • Fabric
  • It can be sorted as polyester.

The working principle of laser cutting machines is that the radiation is stimulated and the light amplification with emission lies. There is a laser inside the glass or metal tube inside the machine. The laser source is powered by electricity and thus the laser beam is obtained. The beam is transmitted onto the material to be treated with a lens or mirror. In this way, the desired process is applied to the material.

Advantages of Laser Cutting Machines

The usage area of ​​laser cutting machines is quite wide. The machines on our site and equipped with technology enable the processing of even thick and hard materials. Pattern and design creation is also provided for the materials.

Other advantages;

  • There is no need for a mold when using laser cutting machines. So its cost is low
  • The material is processed without deformation.
  • Machine and material do not contact during cutting. Therefore, bending, bending and stretching does not occur.
  • Designs such as pictures, patterns, logos and texts can be embroidered on the material
  • No unevenness on the surface
  • It can be listed as allowing a very fast transaction.

Laser Cutting Machine Types

The laser cutting machine on our site has different models. These models have different features for different uses. You can choose the model you need on our website and easily create an order.

Laser cutting machine types;

  • FFL
  • FFLC