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All Curiosity About Bending Machines

Bending machines are used to cut, bend and form metals such as iron and fittings. It is especially preferred in order to increase the work efficiency and to reduce the load. Recently, its use in production areas has increased considerably. Because it shows high performance with continuous use. You can find types of bending machines on our website.

What is Bending Machine?

Bending machines are a type of industrial machine. Stable and high performance bending machines on our site can be customized depending on different applications. Working speed, working power, torque range can be changed with the control panels on our machines. Bending machines work with two hands, providing a safer work. In addition, with its automatic shut-off function, it prevents all negativities that may develop during operation.

Bending machines are very easy to use and a maintenance routine can be created easily. All corners of the blades in the machine are suitable for use. It is generally used for bending operations on steel and metal structures in manufacturing. It is suitable for decorative purposes. Our bending machines can be used in different areas of use with their advanced technological features. Special structures can even meet profile bending requirements. It can be used easily in all kinds of rebar operations.

Use of Bending Machine

The bending machines on our site are equipped with modern technology. In this way, bending processes that cannot be done with manpower are completed in a short time. Thanks to the control panels on the machine, the whole process goes smoothly. Even twisting, the industry's most complex process, is processed on different materials. Our machines have high quality and sharp toolings. Previously manual operations are now completed in a short time with the computer system and advanced tooling technology. Hydraulic bending machines on our site are the latest technology.

Bending machines are generally used in the construction industry. The material to be bent is placed in the middle of the machine. It is then grabbed by the arm and turned over. With this rotation, the material is bent. Generally, all our bending machines have standard operating principles. Manpower is also needed in the use of machines. Materials must be properly placed on our machines. Then press is applied on it. In this way, it bends at the desired angle.

Bending Machine Types

Hydraulic bending machine types on our site are equipped with the latest technology. A hydraulic press applies a press to shape the material. It has 2 extra round pins for tool mounting. It also has a fast tool change system. You can choose between automatic and manual working models. You can see the stock memory with digital reading. In addition, the motor power is 10 kw.

Tube Bending Machines

There are also types of machines used to bend pipe materials on our site. These machines are used to shape straight steel or aluminum pipes. The processes that were done with welding in the past have been left to faster machines with the developing technology.

Types of pipe bending machines;

  • FP 60 Mandrelless Tuve Benders
  • FP 76  Mandrelless Tube Benders.